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The Stockton Marine Corps Club was formed in 1988 by a few good men who envisioned a Tun Tavern kind of camaraderie and brotherhood of all Marines. A club where Marines and their families can gather at least once a month to socialize and reminisce. Navy Corpsmen who served in the Fleet Marine Force are invited to join as well. The Founders were Walter Drum, John Serpa, Chuck Tatum. Through perseverance, the club grew and a purpose was born to become more involved in the community. It was decided that Marines who were KIA would be posthumously declared members of the cub so that their parents or spouses who wanted to be involved with the club functions could be associate members.


Lucille and John Serpa.jpg

John Serpa

SMCC Founder


Chuck Tatum.jpg

Charles William "Chuck" Tatum

SMCC Founder


Walter Drum

SMCC Founder

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